Sunday, 8 January 2012

day 8: mud (not-so) glorious mud

Thanks to my faffing around this morning with getting my nike+ sportsband software loaded, I was late in getting out and the car park at Flotterstone was full - it being a very popular Pentland hills spot for walkers/cyclists/runners. It also was a pretty rain/snow free Sunday... so I had to go to another area one of which meant a very muddy start and finish. This combined with some pretty steep hills made for a tough 10k. I was faced at the begining of this run with a sign saying 'Walkers please use the path provided through kissing gate and go round the farm buildings'. This was less of a path and more of a long narrow trail of fenced in deep mud so you could do nothing but push on through. I wish I had been as bold as the walker just ahead of me who ignored said sign and strode through the middle of the farm buildings.

Despite this I managed it in just over an hour. I have to say I was flagging by the 4.5mile point but thanks to my ipod and some motivational playlist choices I managed to keep plugging on. The thought of a second new years feast to make up for my parents being away over hogmanay also helped. Red wine and my mum's most awesome steak pie was waiting for me when I returned and I had a mental picture of this to help me through the nasty, muddy windy last mile.

distance: 6.2miles
time: 1hour04mins
calories: 744 (quickly replaced by said wine and pie)


  1. Well done you! What were the tunes of choice?

  2. I detest mud but weirdly I shall look forward a future run through some ;) really good run and time. Bet that dinner went down a treat!

  3. Awesome Steak Pie? Did someone say Awesome Steak Pie? Save some for me! Mmmmmmmmmmmm..........
    (picture Homer Simpson saying "Mmmmm, doughnuts").
    Good running especially with all the mud to contend with.

  4. Brilliant - i had a steak pie after my run today too - must be tghe time of year! Brilliant time for a 10k trail run - am most jealous!