Thursday, 19 January 2012

day 19 - where i wimp out

The voice in my head was saying 'you are hardcore, what is a bit of horizontal sleet?' but the other voice won out saying 'being hardcore is overrated, the gym is warm and dry'. Having said that, it ended up being a tough-ish session as I did the Audiofuel pyramid interval session. I had to walk in places but I was amazed that I even finished it, I really wanted to stop half way through but I powered on through. I even managed a pretty hardcore weights session.

On the subject of wimping of my friend's suggested the possibility of taking part of the Tough Mudder event in July and I really fancied doing it, especially when I heard a guy at work was doing it, making my competitive side kick in. However, it coincides with a Celtic music festival in Stornoway that I was planning going on. Now when faced with a choice between an expensive form of physical torture and a festival of music and drinking well, my hedonistic tendencies took over...thus wimping out on a big scale - there's always next year!!


distance: 6.8kms
time: 43mins
cals: 500
instances of wimping out: 2


  1. Music festival with drinking v contest there C. Good choice! Well done for completing that tough workout today.

  2. I know which event I'd choose! ;) Sounds like you had a great workout today. Well done! :)