Monday, 30 January 2012

day 30 - and the end is in sight....

Mondays are always a struggle...I am usually tired after the weekend lack of sleep and its always a long day at work with meetings in the afternoon...the last thing I usually feel like is exercising, yet it is always the day I have my body pump class which is always painful. Don't know why it is but I am really struggling with building my upper body strength - I have been doing the class for a while but still find it hard to get above a certain weight on my bar - bicep curls are one of the worst. I sweated through just over 3 miles on the treadmill before sweating even more through my class. The gym is still stupidly busy - would the January part timers please just give up and go home now??

I have another stupidly busy week so kind of looking forward to a rest day on Wednesday though I am really supposed to be getting stuck into my half-marathon training!!

Hope other fellow Janathoners are looking forward to be bit of a rest - I will definitely miss the banter and support come February though :(

Here's to the penultimate day!

distance- 3.2miles
time: 29mins34secs
calories: 284
press ups managed at bodypump class: 10 (only 2 of which were proper ones!!)


  1. Yay well done you one day left!!

  2. Nearly there. Janathon will have helped you build an amazing base fore your half marathon training.