Thursday, 12 January 2012

day 12 - I am eating RICE CAKES

Yep, I am indeed - BUT I am not, repeat NOT on a diet, as people seem to assume when they see you eating them. I do actually rather like them. And besides I don't diet - I am currently trying to lose weight but that is solely so I can run faster and get my pb for the Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon and its all about the healthy eating and, of course, exercise. I will still eat cheese and drink wine, but mainly on the weekends :)

Anyway...speaking of exercise - I had planned to run at lunchtime again today (was a lovely sunny day) but thanks to being rather distracted by twittering and blog reading I got to bed late and subsequently fell straight back to sleep after my alarm clock went off. And so, I was about an hour and a half late for work. So no lunchtime run for me. Due to the increasingly cold weather and my lingering cold which I thought I had got rid of but apparently not I went to the gym tonight. It was intervals - 2 minutes uphill and 1 minute fast. I don't usually like treadmill running but it went quite quickly thanks to a very funny episode of Big Bang Theory (Howard gets his penis stuck in a robotic arm) - I was laughing out load which isn't great in a busy gym.

My stats are kind of approximate as I managed to 'finish' my workout in the middle of it and had to start over.
distance: 6.6kilometers
time: 40mins
calories: don't know but more than what's in a rice cake!


  1. I got an email ages ago from RunnersWorld about that Rock 'n' Roll event, and thought it sounded great. Only trouble is, it's in Edinbrrrrrrrr...
    Too far to travel for me, so it's a no go I'm afraid. Is anyone 'good' playing at the gig?

    1. It does sound good - and it start/finishes practically outside my flat :) the course looks good though bands haven't been announced.

  2. Hmmm. If only I shared your taste for rice cakes my diet would be a whole lot healthier.

  3. Hope you have something tasty on them as they are a bit polystyrene otherwise. Keep up the running! You're not the only one trying to drop a few pounds to get faster.

  4. Hahaha, I also laugh at loud at things in appropriate places but who can hold it in :D