Thursday, 5 January 2012

day 5: another rubbish running day

Destined to be bottom of the class if I don't get my mileage up soon...I am still trying to cough up my internal organs and didn't manage a full day at work (only by an hour so not too bad) but I was determined not to miss out a day of Janathon. Funny that I would be totally fine with missing a day of work though!

It was very cold outside so thought it best not to go too far so did a sort-of reverse route of my new year's day hungover plod. Happy to report I was faster than that day :) To combat the cold I wore my hoodie hood up, Rocky/boxer style, though with my running top on underneath I ended up being way too hot. Always think it funny how in winter weather you get hats/gloves to keep you warm but I find that my face is the thing that gets coldest - running balaclava anyone?? Probably not a good look, especially if running past any jewelry shops/banks...anyway, I'm rambling again.

So it was a very cautious 1.23 miles for me today and plenty of hot lemon and honey drinks for after.
Determined to do a proper run tomorrow!

distance: 1.23miles
time: 11m25secs
calories: not enough to mention!


  1. well done for getting out there while poorly, you're a stronger woman than me :)

  2. I was fine yesterday. Then you tweeted about taking time of work with a cold. Now I've got a cold. Funny that. Now I'm not the type of person to apportion blame to anyone, but.... please can you keep your germs to yourself in future. (can we pass on our colds to the squirrels?) Get well soon x

  3. "A proper run?" Considering your health, any outting is quite admirable!

    I'm about to have a monthly "health issue" myself (not from germs, from gender), one that makes me not want to run for a day or so :-( Wish hot lemon tea could make that go away!

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Be patient as you feel better the miles will add up, there is a lot of January left yet x