Tuesday, 3 January 2012

day 3 - oooh, isn't it windy!!

So windy in fact that I didn't want to risk going out and getting hit by tree branches or rampent wheelie bins. Glasgow and the west in general seems to be alot worse but it is bad enough for me to want to stay firmly indoors. Also, as it is a bank holiday in Scotland my gym was closed so that option was also out. Instead I ran up and down the stairs in my parents house 10 times, which was actually rather hard and I was really quite breathless afterwards. Followed this up by doing 10 press-ups, 2 and a half of which were full press-ups opposed to my usual on the knees ones.

Again rather a pathetic janathon effort but hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow - at least the gym should be open!

distance: no idea but did 10 laps of the stairs!
time: not really that long
press-ups: 10 (with 2 full ones - yay me!)


  1. 10 laps of the stairs is no easy thing to do. Well done and an ingenious way of managing in horrendous weather.

  2. I managed a run in the park today but wished i'd not bothered. At least there were no squirrels out - I hate squirrels, devious little ba****ds. They're out to get me you know...

  3. Picture me sitting here quite green with envy at your extra bank holiday and your ability to do full press ups :)