Monday, 16 January 2012

day 16 - runner, interupted

I know I should have just braved the freezing temperatures and gone running outside when I had the chance but I didn't...I had spent most of the day on my feet at and event at work and just wanted a wee lay down before heading to the gym. I had a good long session planned on the treadmill before my body pump class which started at 18:50...

20 minutes in and the treadmill stopped dead, along with half of the others in the gym. I was lucky I hadn't got up to full speed or i would have ended up careening forward and headbutting the screen! Apparently the fuse had blown and it would be fixed in a few minutes...but then this turned into 20 class wasn't due to start for another hour or so and the rest of the gym was busy as it tends to be in January. Was pretty annoyed as I had hoped to get in quiet a few miles today. I gave up and went home to do the dishes instead and had to motivate myself to return out into the cold for my class. (Luckily my gym is 5 mins away!) Glad I did as it was a pretty good one.

So, once again my stats are approximate as I didn't clock my mileage before the treadmill went capoot.

distance: 4.5km (??)
time: 20mins (i do know that as I looked at the clock before starting)
cals: not that many
treadmills not working: I'd say about 20


  1. Oh that did so happen to me 2 years ago at a gym in Nottingham. The power went off as I was sprinting really fast and I ran almost over the top of the screen! Ended up on my arse and was far from chuffed, especially when I learnt that it wasn't an accidental power cut. The electrician had deliberately turned it off to carry out a 'routine check' and hadn't thought about the consequences. Luckily I wasn't hurt (just my pride!) or I would have put a claim in!

  2. How annoying! Well done for still heading back for your class, that's dedication! I do love a good Body Pump class though so I'd have probably done the same :-)

  3. Blimey well done for going back -I definately wouldn't have!