Monday, 2 January 2012

ice, mud and a scull splitting headache

Day 2

Well, certainly a better attempt than yesterday but still not a very pleasant run I have to say. On putting the bins out this morning, I saw that it was rather icy outside so would have to be a jaunt into the muddy woods and hills to avoid falling on my arse. Did have a near miss on going out to the back garden and forgetting that the decking would be slippery and almost fell flat on my back.

Even parts of the woods were icy so it was a rather slow pace today. After about a mile a headache started up and just got worse as I went along. I blame the extreme cold (there was very icy winds up on the braids) for this headache rather than the extended after effects of new year's partying.

Needless to say I was grateful to return home to thaw out my extremities and get some painkillers.
Tomorrow looks even worse weather-wise so may have to resort to driving to the gym.

distance: 3 miles
time: 32mins45secs
calories: 311

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  1. Hi! Yes I had a similar New Years Eve hangover to contend with on Day 1. Today I went playing crazy golf with nephew & niece and now I have another headache from all their whinging and moaning!
    Good luck.