Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 17 - running after boys...

 …Sadly not in the old playground sense, but in a ‘running to keep up’ sense. There is a reason I generally run on my own – I can go at my own pace (more slower than faster overall). However I have started some lunch-time running once a week at work. Usually its fine as it is a varied groups so everyone usually has someone to run at their pace. Today I went out with a couple of the guys, one of which is a proper runner and belongs to a club – right away they were running faster than me and I knew I was going to struggle to keep up…and I did. But I tried very hard because I don’t like feeling I’m keeping people back. When it did get too much of an for me they did courteously wait for me. Needless to say I was knackered after the 4.5 of rolling hills. Thankfully my other running male friend is a relative newbie to the whole running thing so I can actually run fast than him J Moral to the story – running after boys is only fun if there is something fun at the end of it for me, which in this case there wasn’t.
Distance: 4.6miles
Time: 45mins
Calories: 500
Boys (well, men really) worth running after: 0 – no offence to the guys with me – they are lovely people!


  1. It's a good push though, but maybe not every day :) Really great pace x

  2. 'Something at the end of it"? Saucy girl. Lowering the tone of #Janathon. Might have known @ellakopella would pick up the baton too with her volunteers for leg rubs. Naughty girls!
    Great run pace though, well done C.

  3. Well done! With my little legs I struggle to keep up with most people while walking, so I'd have no hope when running! ;)

  4. This is why I don't run with my other half. Whilst I do enjoy getting a good look at his bum I hate feeling like I'm holding him up or having to go faster than I am comfortable with.