Sunday, 22 January 2012

day 21 - a stickler for the rules

Janathon rules state you must run every day (or some sort of exercise) and log and blog it within 24 hour. Well I ran yesterday morning but am just blogging now with an hour to spare so am happy to have stuck to them :)

I ran 4.1miles in holyrood park and the cycle path next to it. It began a lovely sunny blue skyed run but by the last mile or o the rain began which was ok as it afforded me a sprint finish and its always good to get some speed practice in as I hate it!!

I actually did a lot of other exercise that day as am helping a friend who want to loose some weight and up her exercise effort so we went and did some walk/jog laps of the nearby park and walked along the canal and home. All in all a very active day which justified the prosecco and lovely mushroom risotto we had for tea (followed my more wine and chocolate dessert) - meals like that are why I run :)


Distance: 4.1miles (plus quite a few extra walking)
time: 39mins
cals: 480

now off to do todays run...


  1. Prosecco risotto chocolate pud... similar reasons to why I run!

  2. Running, food and wine - a perfect lifestyle balance! Pitty that I've neglected the running bit over the last couple of days (is that bit important?). Well done for sticking to the rules too.

  3. I've only just blogged yesterday's efforts too! Well done on such an active day. Hope you enjoyed the food and wine. Sounds like you deserve it! :)