Wednesday, 11 January 2012

day11- my god is that the time??

I have just finished my dinner and its 10pm...where did this evening go? Exercise has taken up most of my evening. It was probably not my greatest idea in the world - I had arranged a running session with my new running buddy, forgetting that I had booked a body pump for that evening too. And thanks to my rather bad working out of timings after 5.6 miles I still had plenty time before my body pump class so there wasn't much else for me to do other than do some time on the elliptical machine.

So one pump class later I hobbled home, showered, made and ate my tea (all by 9:45pm) now all I have time for is finishing this blog then off to bed to be woken up at 6:30am for another day of work.

Not looking forward to what my muscles are going to feel like after my first pump class for about 3 weeks!!

distance: 5.6miles running, 3.5kilometers Elliptical
Calories: LOADS
Muscles that are going to hurt tomorrow: most of them


  1. Wow.
    I was pleased with my just-over-a-mile Janathon slow jog!
    Hope the muscles let you off lightly in the morning.

  2. Have a good night's sleep. You'll be ready for another 5 miler tomorrow! Great #Janathoning.

  3. Go girl, you're impressive. I'm just catching up on blogs so looking forward to reading how your muscles were x