Wednesday, 18 January 2012

day 18 - where I'm leader of the pack...sort of

I didn’t have a good morning. After another night of not sleeping well, I found myself feeling frustrated, tired and even a bit teary. I’m putting this down to sleep deprivation, a bit of work-related frustrations and generally not finding the time to get what I want done, done.
My day was saved by a lunchtime run. I am never surprised at research that exercise can help with depression – it has got me through some of my toughest of times. And today I felt a whole lot more positive about life  It was our usual Wednesday running club at work today and as the person who usually leads it wasn’t in I took the role of leader (which really just involves saying where we are going and clocking the distance on our trusty garmin and making sure no one gets left behind.) As we had a newbie - to running and I think to exercise too – with us it was very start and stop, especially at the more hilly bits. We got to 1.2 miles at the foot on the Pentland hills and a volunteer kindly said she would accompany the newbie back to the office. The rest of us ran alongside the hills/golf course and managed 3 hill reps at the end. Those were a bit of struggle but I just managed without keeling over.
Overall a pretty slow one but that’s what happens with running with a varied ability group.
Distance: 3.8miles
Time: 42mins (but more like 52 with all the stopping off)
Calories: 466


  1. I remember the Shangri-La's singing 'Leader of the Pack' from when I was very little. My dad used to sit me on his knee and pretend we were on a motorbike while he sang along to it! Awwww....
    Some good hill running today at the end which made up for the newbie slowcoach. Enjoy your film tonight C. x

  2. Sorry to hear you've not been sleeping well and you've been feeling low. I can relate to that. *hugs*

    Well done on running! Sounds like just the ticket! :)