Saturday 7 January 2012

day 7- sun rising to sounds of the prodigy

It wasn't quite sun rise as I spend the earlier part of the morning trying to finish my book (The Distant Hours by Kate Morton since you asked - it made very good winter holiday reading), but it was kind of rising over the peaks of the braid hills. It was a very beautiful morning today on one of my favourite runs in Edinburgh cause you can see over the firth of forth and the countryside and the city. If this run was put to music in a film it would be something to tug at the emotions, perhaps with some synths and strings...sadly my ipod playlist would not have made a good soundtrack, instead I had the Prodigy's 'Smack my Bitch Up'. A very good song, one to keep the pace up on a run but maybe more suited to a more urban run.

Anyway...yay to me as I managed my longest run of Janathon so far! It was a bit stop and start due to my ongoing coughing bouts and the fact I am in the land of windy hills. But a pretty good effort overall.

Highlight of run: beautiful views over Edinburgh and seeing a man with a funny walk akin to monty python's ministry with a cane AND an eye patch - awesome

distance: 5.6miles
time: 55m25secs
calories: 652

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  1. LOL - I'm going to try running to that song next time I go out - suspect I will end up dancing rather than running...