Friday, 13 January 2012

day 13: does my bum look cold in this

Its cold outside - being winter not very surprising but it got me thinking...I find getting the right running gear for cold days/evenings difficult - I always end up hot in some places and remain freezing in others. No matter what I wear, my body from the waist to my knees is usually some way towards being numb. Even my uncovered calves are warmer. I am assuming it has something to do with the fact there is rather more fat around the colder areas...Despite this me and my numb bum managed a pretty good run today. It was a kind of fartlek session as I am trying to get some bursts of speed into my some of my outings as I'm not particularly good at the speed thing. The meadows in Edinburgh is pretty good for this as it is a sort-of round course divided up by intersections of pathways so you can aim for a sprint to a certain points along the way and there are plenty of trees to act as markers.

I was also trying to work out how to work my nike + sportsband and calibrate it. It didn't go well. It said that I ran 0.5miles in 48mins - now I'm not that fast but that is just insulting. I think I did something wrong. Unfortunately the website doesn't load very well on my slow broadband so may take a while to figure things out. May have to stick to my Garmin.

distance: 4.7miles
time: 43mins55secs (going my my garmin, NOT the nike + thing)
calories: 543


  1. I agree with that hot cold mystery thing. You may be right avout high fat content cos I am normally red hot except my thighs, and bum are freezing.
    That was a good run you had though.

  2. It's always my bum that's freezing when I get home but then all me becomes super cold once I come home. Brrrr