Sunday 30 June 2013

day 30: a village with nothing but a pub (which was closed)

last day of Juneathon :( but what a good way to end it. The morning was spent walking around Aria Force near Ullswater. Such stunning surrounding! That took a few hours but as was early, it was really quiet. Was quite a trek but was it is the last day, I did a run too. I ran to the next village from Gteystoke, which is called Blencow...there were plenty cows around so seemed appropriate. Not much else there tho. Just the pub...not even a wee shop. Always wonder if people who live in the remote country are all alcoholics as there really doesnt seem to be much else to do, but there are always plenty of pubs. The one in Grrystoke is calles the Boot and Shoe and is pretty nice and has live bands on a Sunday. Anyway arrived in Blencow and ran back again. I may go for a pint later...nothing better to do I suppose
distance: 4.13
time: 36mins 19secs
cows in Blencow: loads
pubs in Blencow: 1 but not much else

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