Wednesday, 5 June 2013

day 4: this may be late but I haven't broken the rules

OK, so I know this is late...and the excuses will follow. However, the rules do say that you need to blog 'within 24 hours'. I ran at 5pm yesterday and it is now 8:50am so am still good :)

Now for the was sunny and I got an invite to a BBQ so I had the option of being good and doing a proper run and being a social sad-case, or do a quick run and get the hell out into the sun and drink beer. Bet you can guess which one I chose??

Did 2 miles which consisted of a mini circuit of holyrood park. In my eagerness to join the BBQ fun I did it pretty quickly too. So back home I only had time for a few press ups, a quick shower and change and out the door, thinking to myself 'I'll be back about 9ish...plenty time for blogging.' Ahhh, how naive I am. A few hours later and I am in the pub with my bad-influencing friends. So here I am blogging when I should be working (just in case this gets read by any colleagues...I will be working through my lunch to make up!).

I have a feeling this may not be the only time this happens...

distance: 2 miles
time: 17mins28secs

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