Thursday 27 June 2013

day 27: confessions of a self-diagnosed mess monster

Right, I've got to crisis point. My flat is getting to the point of being so messy that I put something down and that's it lost for the next few days. I spent so much time looking for my Garmin before my run today that I almost cried in frustration before giving up and going on a shortened run as I was getting late for a hair appointment (Had a bit of a deja vu moment from Janathon!)

Housework always takes a very low priority for me and I always do as little as possible but I always regret it a little when I get to the point where I need to spend and entire day/weekend to get it back to respectability! Problem at the moment is I really don't seem to have time. Work, Juneathoning and general social engagement is leaving very little time. And I can't afford a cleaner - and I really would do anything to be able to get someone to do this kind of stuff for me!

So yeah, short (and hard going) run done - think I'm still recovering from my circuits class yesterday. Then quickly off to the hair dresser - hair is all nice and short again, but colour really needs done, am all multi shades of pink/peach/dark roots! And home to blog/eat crisps instead of making dinner.

The tidy-up will have to wait yet another day...weekend...month. Gaaaaa!!

distance: 2.5miles
time: 23mins
haircuts: 1
packets of crisps eaten instead of actual dinner: 2


  1. I sympathise. Clutter - how to get rid of it once and for all. Like the combo of pink and peach. Happy running!

  2. I'm a clutter bug too, I struggle to motivate myself to house work and have the worst habit of " I just put it there for a moment" and weeks pass