Sunday, 9 June 2013

days 9: trying to cough up a lung

I'm ill. Feel like I've been fighting cold after cold ever since I started my new job back last July/August. I mainly blame the bad ventilation which leaves the place hot and airless and probably a very good incubator of germs, which I seem to pick up like they were going out of style.

I felt ok when doing my walk yesterday though I had to make sure I had a good supply of tissues, however, after a few beers it all went downhill. Ended up in bed at 23:30 feeling like shite, which is basically how I've been feeling since.

Not that I will let that get in the way of #Juneathon. I hate failing at tasks I set myself. So after a short snooze this afternoon (was a little sad at putting my blackout blind on the blue skies outside my window). I dragged myself out for a wee run. Was only going to be short but took my water bottle as was really afraid of having a massive coughing fit in the middle of the park and loose a lung. Funnily enough, once I got out, I actually felt a lot better than I had lying in my bed! I did have a few stop offs for water and coughing but I kept on going and actually managed it up the big steep bit of the park and did a full circuit.

So back rewarding myself with a nice cold beer, of which I have many left over from last night.
distance: 3.5miles
time: 33mins 44secs
colds caught this year: way too many!

Also, now that I'm back in civilisation, here are a couple of shots of my walk yesterday. The little white dots in the background are the other members of my team, whose boy-asses I kicked :)
The little white dots aren't that far away....yet

Stunning scenery...proud to be Scottish on days like this

Found a little 8-legged friend at the top of Carn Mairg

Obligatory 'top of the mountain' pose!


  1. Well done for getting out there despite feeling awful! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. 3.5 miles when you're not feeling well - hardcore!

  3. Well done, hope you feel better soon