Friday, 14 June 2013

day 14: Body Blitz to Bacon Birthday Party in one evening

I did it!!!! I actually managed to NOT cancel a gym class, go to it on time and complete it with 100% effort.

Am now totally knackered and very aware I need to get ready for a party (or 2). The first party is a bacon themed-party...I know weird. But that's my wonderful friends for you. Just to clarify, its not a 'dress up as your favourite pork-product' party, in the spirit of Lady GaGa, but a party where the host has cooked an astounding array of bacon food-stuffs. Desert should be interesting. Maybe not a good evening for vegetarians!

Anyway, I did manage my exercise today. Body Blitz. It can be a kind-of Body Pump substitute. Though the instructor on a Friday is insane and has his own idea of what 'Blitz' means. I sweated....a lot. There was running on the spot, burpees, lots of press-ups, sit-ups and mad interval stuff. I definitely feel I deserve a beer or 2 tonight.

This weekend is going to be a challenge exercise wise, and everything else-wise.  On top of tonight's parties, tomorrow I have to return and feed my cat, sort out various car-related paperwork, visit the bank and Junethon, all probably with a hangover. Then I have another big night out, at which I plan to be good, but we all know I'm not that good at following through with that.

Well, I need to go get glammed up now....What does one wear to a bacon party I wonder??

gym classes attended: 1
time: 45 mines
hard exercises completed: many
bacon-themed parties attended: 1

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  1. Mmm! Bacon. Sounds interesting. And that workout sounded exhausting reading about it. Log your walking over the weekend, that should do it, mind you, a little run may help a hangover. Go party hard.