Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 10: I fecking HATE Mondays

Monday's are bad enough, but when you have been ill for a week, had a lovely but tiring weekend, ending up being led astray on Sunday evening into drinking beer in the park, resulting in very little sleep, come Monday morning I just wanted to stay in bed all day. Instead I had to drag my carcass into the stuffy office, where all I could do it try to keep from sliding under my desk for a snooze.

I was supposed to be doing a body blitz class this evening but I really couldn't face 45 mins of hard weight training. I opted instead for a short run around the estate where my folks stay (I am once again, cat sitting - feel like I spend just as much time here than I do at my own flat!). Even that was a struggle. The lovely sunny day didn't do anything to make it any easier or more enjoyable. Was just happy to get it over with. Done a few press ups when I got back which pretty much finished me off.

Hopefully an early night will finally get rid of this hideous cold and I'll be back on form.
Apologies for any other Juneathon-ers who may have caught my cold through the cyber-waves of the Internet ;)

distance: 2.4 miles
time: 21minutes


  1. Well done, you got it done, hope you feel better today

  2. Listening to your body is an important skill. Let's just hope that it's soon saying "Yay! Run!"