Monday, 3 June 2013

day 3: back to being good

Aaah, Mondays - the most hated day of the week. For me rightly so, especially when I return to the working routine having had a weekend with only a few hours sleep and where exercise consisted of mainly dancing to techno music and meals meant crisps for breakfast and pizza and wine for dinner.

So I am back to eating yogurt for breakfast and veggie stirfry for dinner. and writing blogs at a sensible time and not at 5am! I did manage a run today but it was a short circuit of holyrood park so I was home in time for my body blitz class (my gym's version of body pump). Just before anyone gets competitive - I won't be looking at the Juneathon leaderboard of doom this time as I will not be anywhere remotely high up. Not because I am slacking but because I am not training for a race. What I am doing is training for the Tough Mudder (if you've been under an exercise-world rock and haven't heard of it, google it). This means I have to get my upper body strength improved incredibly quickly. I am pathetic when it comes to upper body strength, I can do about 1 and a half full press ups and I can't even think of doing a proper pull up! So will be concentrating on circuit training and weight classes this month.


distance: 3.4miles
time: 28mins 48mins
Body Blitz class: 1 (45mins)


  1. Well done. It's alot better than I managed to do, I watched tv and fell asleep. Back to rickshaw driving tomorrow.

    1. :) well at least the weather looks good for it. I have now been struck down with the lurgy so will be struggling today