Friday 21 June 2013

day 21: doing it old school with Cher

Today I did something I haven't done since I was a teenager: a fitness video. Not a DVD, a video (yes I still have a player, not that it gets used much).
Once again, thanks to my work, I had to cancel Body Blitz. I could have gone for a run... it was a rather nice day outside, but I have really been neglecting my strength training so I had a think and then remember I had an old fitness video. I got it when I was about 12. It is a Cher one. And despite what you might be thinking, it is actually pretty good. You don't need much room, which is good as I have a small-ish which is very cluttered with stuff. It even has some decent music on it (if you like 60s stuff, its actually pretty good to exercise to). It is also not the easiest. I was only going to do the resistance/strength training section which uses resistance bands (like big elastic bands, generally pimped and marketed a Pilates bands at a inflated price). However, since I had lost the remote control for my video player I couldn't be bothered to fast forward through the aerobics section. So I ended up doing about 1hour20 mins worth of exercise.

This is what it looks like - you can probably get it on dvd now, though maybe not new.
distance: back and forth in my living room
time: 38mins aerobics, 45mins weight-band workout
Skimpy outfits worn by Cher: at least one

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