Saturday 15 June 2013

Day 15: 10k with a hangover, after staying out all night - well, why not??

No slacking here at all today! despite a pretty epic party last night (which was still going at 6am...) I managed to get outside into the windy, drizzly conditions and did just over 10K. Yep, 6.3 miles, on a couple hours sleep and a very present hangover. *smug look*.  Lucky it was round one of my favourite circuit of the braid hills and the hermitage so I managed to zone out a bit

Even did it in under and hour, which I totally wasn't expecting. I doubt I will be able to pull this off again tomorrow as I gear up for night out round 2. I am going to try to be sensible but I think we all know that doesn't usually happen :)

Short post today as I have a Steampunk themed outfit/make-over to research and create.

distance: 6.3miles
time: 57mins11secs
hangovers: 1
hours of sleep: mmm, not enough


  1. Cogs. Steampunk is all about the cogs. Saw some ace stuff in Whitby in April. They have a dedicated Steampunk market now in the rifle club.

    Good work on the running too. I did day 2 with a hangover and it was no fun

  2. Running on a hangover is double points.