Wednesday, 26 June 2013

day 26: exercise and underwear

I apologise in advance for the topic of today's blog. But I want to talk about underwear. Now I like to be comfortable when I exercise. This means decent sports bra (shock absorber run bras are the only ones I will buy) tops that don't ride up and tights/shorts that don't fall down. I also stretch this to underwear. One thing I hate about exercise classes is that I have to look onto a fellow gym-class goer doing squats or deadlifts in cheap leggings to see the outline of a thong cutting through flesh. HOW CAN THAT BE COMFORTABLE!!  I don't like thongs at the best of times, they seem like a pointless bit of clothing, designed by men for porn stars, but the idea of doing anything like running/jumping/cycling etc in them worries me. I'm more of a short/French knicker type.

Anyway, today, due to certain sartorial circumstances, I found myself having to partake in my circuits class in a piece of this undergarment. Thankfully the class itself was so hard going that I didn't really have the opportunity to think about the dis-comfort of a thin piece of material riding up my arse (sorry for that mental image!). Don't worry I had good quality tights on and tried not to stand in front of anyone!

Needless to say, I will be avoiding a similar scenario in the future.


distance: emmm, none really but lots of calories burned I assure you
time: 50mins
uncomfortable items of underwear worn: 1

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