Monday, 17 June 2013

day 17: running in new rocks

So, it hasn't been my best effort this month, in fact it has probably been my worst effort yet but hey ho. The reason for the half-arsed-ness is that it was a loooong day. Got into work before 8am, was at an all day roadshow in which I really struggled to stay awake (combination of long presentations, too warm room and general Monday-ness). got back to office and had lots of stuff to deal with before I could comes my exercise-bit. As I am staying half a mile away from work at the moment I have been walking to and from it.

Today I was running late to get home for my new car getting dropped off. This meant I had to run home. I ran as much as I could but I was wearing my new rock boots. They say its hard running in heals, they should try this. It is pretty much like having 2lb weights attached to each leg, but hotter. As you can see from the photo, they are big with metal bits.  So it was more of a run...jog...walk.

my rather lovely, but heavy, boots

Happily I made it back in time for my car arriving. Then I had to sort out my insurance, then rush across town to help a friend transport some art home.

finally home and pretty knackered but still thinking 'that really wasn't good enough for Juneathon', so I did 20 press-ups, 40 sit-ups and some chest-flys and bicep/triceps exercises. Felt a bit better with effort after that.

distance: 0.5miles
time: 6minutes
press-ups: 20
sit-ups: 40
misc upper body exercises: not sure

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  1. Them's are goodly boots! Well impressed with any kind of movement in them, let alone running.