Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 6: getting 'sort of' challenged

Was supposed to do another circuits class today but due to the fact it was waaay too nice to be inside this evening and a casual tweet by a fellow Juneathoner (paulkdesigner I'm looking at you!) I decided to go for a run instead.

Like I had said in a previous blog, I wasn't really looking to concentrate on mileage this month but getting my strength up, but now having had the 'I'm sure you could easily run 100km in a month' comment made I now feel obliged to rise to the challenge! Obviously I will still have to do my strength building training so will just have to work even harder. Thanks Paul!!

Well it worked. Though I did just want to stay out in the sunshine as long as possible I was also happy to see myself clock up my mileage this evening, keeping my speed up to a reasonable (for me) level. I didn't even get (too) jealous of all the people in the meadows drinking beer and having BBQs (been there, done that!).

Got home and did some press ups, crunches, and other arms stuff (a technical term).
Everyone like a motivational pic. so here you go:


distance: 6.23miles
time: 58mins05secs
likelihood of getting to 100km this month: slim, but I'll try


  1. Well done. I'll cycle for 16 hours and not bat an eyelid, but running for an hour seems a little out of my league at the moment. I think I can manage 30 mins. I do however need a decent pair of shoes for running.

  2. I like it! The power of peer pressure to get us all out running.
    Keep up the strength work but I also agree that 100 miles goal is a definite must!
    Nice pace on that 10K by the way!