Tuesday 18 June 2013

day 18: white noise twilight zone

Its unusual for me not to have something witter on about but today I think my brain has entered into a twilight zone of white noise...too much going on and too little time to achieve things.

Finally going back to my flat this evening as my folks are back, so at least I won't be rushing back and forth like a flustered bee.

So anyway, yes - I did go for a run today. It was short but was over the braid hills so not an easy ride. Did a few press ups and tricep dips along the way too. Its also Tuesday which means yoga. I do enjoy it when I get there but really wish it started earlier as I always struggle to motivate myself to go. Only 2 weeks left of it so going to be strict with myself.

OK, that's all I can muster...typing is even feeling like a chore today!

distance: 2.9miles
time: 28mins12secs
press ups: 20
tricep dips: 16

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