Wednesday, 12 June 2013

day 12: Getting distracted

I blame one person in particular. They shall remain nameless but they are responsible for me staying out late, drinking beer when I should be in bed asleep and making me miss circuit training class as I'm too tired from being out dancing till the early hours on a school night.

Having said that, being out last night meant that I did cancel circuit class but also meant I went out cycling in the sunshine instead for my Juneathon effort. I also went for a nice walk to the pub near my parents house which added another mile and a half.

The cycle also included a very steep hill and as was pointed out to me my bike is pretty rubbish and very heavy so extra effort was needed to get up said hill.

All in all, managed 10 miles which I reckon is pretty good for a sleep deprived Wednesday. No upper body strength training yet again, but there is always tomorrow, and I am DETERMINED not to miss that class!!

distance: 10miles (plus 1.5mile round trip to the pub)
time: 1hour5mins
people distracting me from being good: 1 in particular

1 comment:

  1. It is a very heavy bike. I'm sure that my pedicab (without the seating bit) weighs about the same lol. I'll try not to distract you too much. Maybe I should just join you for a run and pretend to encourage you to go further, although I'll probably wimp out part of the way.