Sunday 16 June 2013

day 16: survived the weekend, jogged and almost threw up

It felt like had already done a lot of exercise today and I hadn't even put on a pair of trainers. Its been an awesome weekend of catching up with friends, eating, drinking, dressing up steampunk style and dancing.

I got back today to my folks house to a cat who was acting like she had been considerably neglected over the last few days and was very pleased to see me. Although it was getting late and I had just had dinner not that long ago, I still felt the need to do some 'proper' exercise for Juneathon (I will not be called a slacker, ever!). So on went my running kit for a short circuit around the estate.  It wasn't pleasant - I got a stitch almost immediately and getting to anything close to a decent speed brought on the horrible feeling that I was going to hurl.

But nevermind. I went and jogged and that's what counts - I even made a half-hearted attempt at some push ups when I got home.

distance 2.3miles
time: 20mins
feeling of needing to throw up: a few


  1. Sounds a lot like my day. Today was definitely the closest I've come to quitting.

  2. It's that half-way through Juneathon feeling! I hurled yesterday...