Tuesday, 25 June 2013

day 25: running and corsets to the rescue

My run was pretty much the best thing about today - apart from the long awaited arrival of my new corset.  Had to work at home today so I was in for the delivery of said corset. While the idea of laying in bed with my work-laptop and blackberry sounds like a nice idea, I don't really like working from home. I find it hard to concentrate and miss the banter with fellow colleagues. Still I had plenty to keep me busy...sadly much of this wasn't much fun. Much dealing with complaints etc 

So I was actually looking forward to running some tension off. Also managed to turn it into a practical trip to collect my car from my parents house. This meant a pretty hard run with a good chunk of it uphill. Still, running off some stress also helped me get a decent pace up.

Here's my new corset :)
distance: 4.7miles
time: 46mins
new corsets: 1

1 comment:

  1. Wow great pace. I don't think I'd be disciplined enough to work from home so well done on that too