Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 13: the dog ate my homework and other not so classic excuses

I know in yesterday's blog I said I was DETERMINED to go to my class today as I have been being bad a missing them....however (here come the excuses)...I looked at the forecast and it was supposed to be sunny so I thought, mmm running day- turned out it wasn't. Then I got a phone call from the guy who has been looking out for a car for me to replace the one I crashed, saying that he had found one and would I like to see it. So I needed to be home for that. So, anyway, long story short, I cancelled my circuits class yet again and opted for a bike trip to Tesco's to buy more hair dye as I'm getting to the point of 2-tone hair as it is still bright on top and horrible and washed out at the ends.

Was actually rather hard as there is a very long, steep hill and my legs really felt the pain. As a concession to missing my class I came home and did some strength exercises with my resistance bands. I have also progressed to managing (just) 3 full press ups. believe me, this is progress. 

So anyway, a no-show sunny evening and car-checking-out are my excuses for today's whittled down exercise effort. Really not what a tough-mudder-in-training should be aiming for with a little over 2 months until race day. Also not the most interesting excuses in the world...mmmm idea for 'list-type' future blog: Favourite 'I didn't go running today' excuses :)

distance: 4.5miles
time: 26mins
steep hills cycled up: 1 very long one
crap excuses for missing gym class: 2
new cars almost acquired: 1 ford fiesta