Saturday, 8 June 2013

day 8: kicking the asses of boys

As some regulsr readers may know, i sometimes do a running club at work, where i often have difficulty keeping up with the faster male runners...well today i got my revenge. walked 12miles and managed to bag 3 (almost 4) munro mountains. was walking them with 2 male work friends and ileft them flagging well behind me at all points along the way. will come back to this post to add photos as am on my phone, but they are usually little dots in the distance :) was a fantastic walk and the sun was out. on these days i feel lucky to live in such a beautiful country. like i say, i will prob comr back to this blog to add and edit but now a BBQ and a well earned beer are waiting! BTW, sorry for bad punctuation and spelling!!
distance:12 miles
time: 8 hours
number of asses kicked: 2