Saturday 29 June 2013

day 29: chasing sheep and going off course...slightly

today has been activity filled. Had a great day walking around Ambleside, visiting Castlerigg stone circle just outside Keswick. Also managed a decent run. started off on the road out of Greystoke but noticed a bridle path going out to the next village of Motherby. wanted to get off road so was perfect....until i started going off route, eventually finding myself dodging cow poo and big spikey thistles, and chasing away lots of sheep.

thankfully found my way back on cours, out to the road and back, leaving the sheep to get back to a quiet evening without mad lost runners.

 distance: 4.7miles
time: 43mins
sheep chased by me: about a dozen


  1. Larking about in the Lakes, sounds like fun

  2. I thought I'd look at some other Juneathoners' blogs. I like yours, it made me laugh, especially the thong day!