Sunday, 23 June 2013

day 23 (and 22) first fail and paying penance

So, yes...yesterday was my first ever Juneathon (or Janathon) fail. Am a wee bit disappointed in  myself.

Even though I definitely partook in activity that can certainly be considered exercise (and very good exercise at that) I didn't get round to blogging. So technically a fail.

It isn't going to happen again, so today as I looked out at the horizontal rain I put on my running kit anyway and ran round the park. And got wet...very wet. But it soon stopped and I rather enjoyed it.

So, back on track for the last week. Going to make an extra effort to get some proper mileage in.

Distance: 3.6miles
time: 31mins
Junathon fails: 1 :(


  1. Oh no, what a loser. I'm going to ignore you at the lunch for this.

    (not really)

  2. Oh dear, I always say that the blogging is the real challenge. Good luck for the last 7 blogs