Thursday, 20 June 2013

day 20: hot and sweaty

Ok, minds out of the gutter people!! I am of course referring to my short but oh so hard-going run today. You would think it was summer out there.  I had wanted to do at least 5km but thanks to projects at work going all a bit pear-shaped I was standing in my bedroom, run kit on talking on the phone to a contractor who was telling me I needed to be in Dumfries tomorrow to get shouted at by the public...It sort of made me late, and I had dinner plans with friends.

Ended up being rather a relief as I was already struggling about 1.5miles in. Hot, sweaty and tired. Got back and forced myself to do my daily press-ups (I'm pretty much managing 3 full, on-the-toes, good technique ones now, which for me is pretty damn good!). By time I was literally dripping.

Even after a shower I was waaay too hot and stayed that way until I sauntered home after a good bowl of pasta and a couple of glasses of wine. Didn't even really care that my eye makeup was totally smudged and looked like I'd been partying as if I was some (very) low-grade version of Kate Moss.

Anyway, looks like the heat/sun isn't going to last and will probably be complaining of being wet cause of the rain instead!

distance: 2.3miles
time: 21mins30secs
sweat sweated: a lot (yuck)

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  1. Well done for doing it, hope it managed to take the work stress away