Sunday, 19 January 2014

day 19: leaving the girls at home to tackle muddy hills

We are up at my parents today so I decided to get the trail shoes out and brave the muddy puddles. While I was out getting down and dirty, I left Ian and my mum to play with make up. She has bravely volunteered to be a model for his college course.

And it was proper muddy. I started off on at a decent pace but as soon as the hills appeared I started struggling. My knee had decided to play up today so that probably hindered me too.

I am definitely planning to enter a trail run this year. As my parents have got this place down in the Lake District, I thought that would be a perfect opportunity to get more trail running done. There's a variety of  10Ks and half marathons to choose from. I definitely prefer trail running, it just seems far more interesting and I like the fact you have to think about where you are putting your feet.

I returned to my mum all made up and knocking back the wine. My dad insisted on taking a photo of us. Me, post-shower and make-up free and my mum with a full on face. I had to post it :)

distance: 4.26miles
time: 45mins 52secs

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