Friday, 24 January 2014

day 24 who needs pyjama planking when you have outdoor lakeside planking!

As planned I'm sitting in the local Greystoke pub with a pint beside a log fire using the free wi-fi. Didn't go running today but managed to do some proper hill walking - which definitely felt like proper exercise.

And I even done some planking. Nevermind planking in the comfort of you pyjamas in your house. I planked out in the wilderness, beside Buttermere lake to be precise. I reckon I managed to hold each for about 40 seconds.

Hill walking in the winter has its pros - we were practically the only people braving the elements and the mountains look very majestic covered in snow. However there are down sides. It was pretty wet and I managed to at least once put my foot in a rather deep puddle/bog. Much to the, albeit brief, amusement of Ian - he stopped laughing when he did the exact same thing - instant karma!

Now be impressed with my planking!!

distance: didn't measure it but at guess around 5miles
time: around 3 hours
feet in bogs: at least 2 (yay for waterproof boots!)
outdoor, lakeside planks: 2

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