Thursday 9 January 2014

day 9: shortest blog of the month featuring flying toast

This is another sort-of tradition. A very short blog due to having to run to some social engagement (though usually something not nearly so posh sounding).
So, I ran round the meadows, not much happened.

Only event worth commenting on is at the end as I was stretching off just outside my flat I was almost hit by a piece of flying toast delivered along with other bits of food coming out of a flat above me. The delightful occupier of said flat does this a lot apparently. My boyfriend told her she really shouldn't and he got abuse back. I live in a nice place....

anyway, I need to run (to my dinner thing)...and this wasn't so short afterall.

distance: 3.3miles
time: 33mins
pieces of flying toast almost hitting me: 1


  1. I can usually get hit by flying toast in the comfort of my own home /parent

  2. Flying toast - now I've heard it all.