Tuesday, 28 January 2014

day 27: I did run...the blog, not so much

OK, so my first official fail of the month. I kind of thought it might happen this week. Though I totally did run. Only 1.5miles but still, it counts. And it could be argued that I wrote the blog in my head. I just didn't get round to putting it onto computer. Anyway, excuses aside. The day was wet, cold and generally miserable and we ended up staying in, drinking wine and watching dvds until about 1am. It was just soo warm and cosy with the fire that we just couldn't even face putting proper clothes on and doing the 1 minute walk to the pub.

So, there you go, my first Janathon 2014 and it was worth it. My holiday rocked.

distance: 1.54 miles
time: 15mins
Janathon fails this year: 1
dvd's watched on this day: a large pile
wine consumed: way too much

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