Sunday, 5 January 2014

day 5: you can't be miserable bouncing

Going on some twitter talk that had implied that Janathon was a festival of 'misery' or something along those lines (also, hilariously fascism? please note no one is forced to take part), I decided to use as my theme for today. This is because, my effort today was far from miserable and I reckon also burnt off a fair few calories.

I found myself round at a friend's flat without any sort of running gear which would enable me to nip out for a quick run (and I basically didn't get up early enough to do anything earlier), I managed to notice that a flatmate had one of these mini-trampolines (trampets?). As we were listening to music I decided to take my opportunity thus making my janathon exercise effort around 30mins of joyful bouncing up and down to some old favourite tunes and making myself dizzy jumping in circles to You Spin Me Right Round (like a record). Now I don't think that sounds like a recipe for misery. Ok, so it won't get me anywhere too far up the leader-board but it was genuine exercise which I had rather a lot of fun doing.

Distance: to hard to tell as was bouncing on the spot!
time: about 30mins, maybe longer
misery caused by Janathon: none for me :)

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  1. Hmm, no misery. Would you like me to set you a special challenge?