Wednesday, 29 January 2014

day 29 slacking punishment - P90X

Well, the holiday is over - I'm back home with a pile of washing and the prospect of work tomorrow :( I also decided to punish myself for yesterday's pathetic excuse for exercise by doing a P90X DVD.

I did the Legs and Back which is basically lots of types of lunges, squats and other evil leg exercises interspersed with pull ups, which I couldn't do, mainly because I have rubbish upper body strength but also because I have no equipment in the flat to allow me to do them anyway (which I am secretly happy about). I did some lat pulldowns with my rubber resistance bands instead.

I think I may be very sore tomorrow, with a likelyhood of not being able to least we are only a day or so away from the end!

distance: none - all strength stuff
squats and lunges done: enough to maybe need crutches tomorrow

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