Monday 13 January 2014

day 13: on backwards and inside-out (with an extra free mini-gym etiquete rant)

Its been one of those started not too bad. I actually managed to get home from work in plenty (or so I thought) time to get ready for my spin class, which I have been trying to go to for weeks and weeks, way before even xmas got here. Put my gym stuff on. And here's where it starts going awry. Was walking around the flat getting things I needed and my running tights just didn't feel comfortable, it was only on a visit to the bathroom I discovered I had put them on backwards. Doh! Well at least I managed to notice before going out the door.

Clock check told me I still had plenty of time...damn clock lied to me (ok, I didn't look properly) so ended up having to run full pelt to the gym only to be about 1-ish minutes late. Then the stupid, start-bang-on-time instructor said I couldn't join in as I missed the (apparently shortest ever) warm up.  Gaaah.

So into the gym to do the cross-trainer...booooring. It is here that I discover that I managed to put my top on inside-out too. I suppose it could be worse - I saw a girl pass with what I can only think she thought were  'quirky' patterned running tights on which in reality looked like the designs they use on hotel carpets, or curtains in bad 'Scottish' b&bs.

Here, I would like to insert a mini-gym-related rant. If you are on the treadmill - USE IT. Do NOT stand there for 15mins talking to a friend. It is January, it is busy. If you want to chat, get off the f@*$ing machine and go chat somewhere else and let someone else actually wants to run on it!!!. If I had been waiting I would have gone and growled at her...And, rant over :)

I have spin booked for tomorrow...hopefully I will make it!

distance: 6.82kms
time: 45 mins
pieces of clothing on the wrong way round: 2
spin classes attended so far: 0

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