Tuesday, 7 January 2014

day 7: in the words of an amazingly irritating ginger-haired orphan...

Lets just say I got up on the wrong side of my psyche this morning. Everything was pissing me off...the shit-tip of a flat, my clothes, my ability to put make up on, the constantly crappy weather and, well...lets just say functioning 'normally' was looking like a bit of trial today. I struggled through work but got home feeling dizzy and blurrgh...and what does everyone need to top that off -  a lovely run in the dark cold, and once again, drizzly city streets.

I did warn you I was grumpy ;) That said, my run was actually a bit better than yesterday's. My lungs didn't feel like they were going to burst and my legs felt a little less like they were made of lead. I still only managed a tiny bit longer out there. However, I do believe the forecast said something about that yellow round ball that sometimes appears every so often in the sky so I do have a plan to get some proper mileage done tomorrow.

distance: 2.5 miles
time: 24 mins 19secs
my grumpiness levels: high but slowly lowering...

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