Sunday, 12 January 2014

day 12: a few layers away from sensible (and my hair finally gets dyed!)

My first morning run of Janathon '14!! Yay! Was out before 9am for a circuit of Holyrood Park. Evidently ignoring the weather forecast I had just looked at I went out in my usual tights, long-sleeve top and gloves combo...I quickly discovered that several layers of thermal under-garments, top and bottom, and a hat would have been sensible additions to this outfit. It was freeeeezing! I did get a pretty, frost-dusted view across the city and over the firth of forth though.  By the time I got home I could only feel my feet and hands.

So run done nice and early, there was really no excuse not to do my hair...and so we did. I am now sporting a nice bright red for the most of it with cerise underneath - its a bit more purple than in the pic. Would have been better with a bit more of the cerise it still looks really cool :)  I had to match it up with my purple hoodie and, although you can't see I have some rainbow stripey over-the-knee socks on too.

distance: 3.5miles
time: 36mins 42 secs
extra running layers needed but not worn: at least a few
colour in hair: 2

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