Saturday, 11 January 2014

day 11: not what Saturdays should be for

I knew it was coming but part of me was trying to ignore it...tidying up the flat. I like my weekends for fun things, this never includes ANY kind of housework/DIY. But I suppose sometimes I have to act like a proper adult (humph!).

There was no partying on Friday night so we would be all fit and ready for it. Even then we only got started at 10:30am. I was also wanting to get a run in during the day, in the sunshine which again was making a rare appearance. Come 12:30, while much had been achieved, we are still far from where it needs to be. And I was already knackered to boot. Still, for the first time in a while you can see the majority of the living room floor - wish I could say the same for the bedroom, and the pile of shoes/boots have been temporarily re-located. But still...not bad for 2 messy people :) Was going to post a pic but my phone is behaving badly grrr

So then a later than planned lunch happened, and my run still hadn't...then we watched Sherlock Holmes and then some more TV (damn you Netflix!!). Not that I could have gone out running after the sizable plate of chilli I had!

By this time I was too full to run and after being up at about 4am an afternoon nap was called for, so there I was once again, preparing for a run in the dark...sigh...this would never have happened in past years (not, cough, blaming anyone, cough, for that). Anyway, as someone was still in bed (and still is as I write) I thought I might as well make it a half-decent run, so managed just under 5 miles. Nowhere that interesting, just around the posh houses of The Grange, which means quiet roads and pavements, and despite trying to avoid icy patches.

So, at least a good attempt at running was achieved and a small to medium dent in the sorting-out-of-the-flat, but still go a way to go - I have a feeling my Saturdays are going to be a little less fun for the next wee while.

distance: 4.89miles
time: 47mins47secs
room sort-of-tidyed: 1
days of tiding still to come: quite a few!

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