Wednesday 15 January 2014

day 15: today's (not so) hot look - the drowned rat

Once again all my plans went south exercise-plan wise, for which today, I generally blame the boyfriend and his college lecturer. The reason for this...I had originally booked a body pump class for this evening, but this finishes very late and I would miss out on my one night where I get the flat to myself...

So, I cancel my class thinking I can do a P90X work out and show the boyfriend up by not whining about sore muscles. Then I get a message from said boyfriend saying the class has been cancelled due to lecturer being ill. So, bang goes my quiet night to myself and no class to go to (it being January, spare class spaces go very quickly). So, outside run it wasn't raining when I got home and it wasn't forecast...then I get outside and guess what - pissing it down! So I think - its only rain, it will ease off, I can still do not too bad mileage wise. But no - rain gets heavier so I now think, fuck this - I'm going home!

So 2 and a half miles around part of holyrood park (the part with at least car-headlights for some guidance), I return home looking rather moist. Due to the lack of miles I thought I had better do some weights - I managed about 10-ish mins before giving up, going for a quick shower and a Guinness, cause obviously I deserved a treat :)

Just realised how many times I have started a sentence with 'So'.

distance: 2.5miles
time: 21mins
Janathon plans scuppered: a few
number of 'So's' in this blog: 6, including this one

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