Tuesday, 14 January 2014

day 14: where my boyfriend is a big girls blouse

2 weeks into doing exercise every day and my boyfriend has been sitting about doing very little until yesterday when he decided to get back into his P90X regime. I did this when I was training for the tough mudder and it is very hard but sweet Jesus! the amount of groaning and moaning about sore muscles I am having to endure! Evidently not even close to being hardcore to be a Janathon-er!

I actually pushed myself the hardest I have done this Janathon. And I actually made it to Spinning early just in case. So of course the instructor was late, typical. 

I have to say this half-way point is where the exercising everyday starts to loose its novelty factor. But just to make sure I keep showing my other half how its done, I will endure :)

distance: 19.6 kms
time: 52 mins
non-hardcore big girls blouse of a boyfriend: 1