Saturday, 18 January 2014

day 18: where I get a male model boyfriend (for an afternoon)

Yep, my other half is spending the afternoon getting all made up and (I am only widely speculating) prancing in front of the cameras today. So I did the altogether less glamorous thing and went to the gym. One good thing came of it was that I actually managed to put in a pretty good effort and achieved a total mileage of 10kms! The best so far for this month.

I didn't actually set out to do that much, figuring I would probably do about 30mins running and 20 on the x-trainer, but I do like a nice round number and 10 is perfectly round.

I had hoped to post a photo of my boyfriend with his photo-shoot face-paint on but he left to retrieve his phone charger and is not back 

distance: 10km (5 running, 5 elliptical machine)
time: 1hour 2mins total

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  1. Here's a picture