Saturday 4 January 2014

day 4: clubbing counts right? ok, I'll throw in a pajama plank too

I do it every -athon and so keeping up the tradition - clubbing/dancing as my exercise effort. I have spent most of the day recovering from an impromtu club night (and after party) But I was dancing like a maniac to techno music from about 1am to 3am so I reckon 2 hours of pretty much solid dancing, however drink-fuelled, can very much count to my Janathon effort.

But I thought I better do something in the day that felt a bit more like hard work so jumping on this Janathon's trend of doing a pyjama plank I did so.....warning...this photo is NOT pretty! Hungover me photoed in shiny pj bottoms - my arse is not looking its best!

Party season is officially over after tonight so i will be returning to proper training on Monday :)

distance: no idea
time spent dancing like a techno maniac: about 2 hours with bar-breaks
plank: 1 (about a minute due to boyfriend's bad photo skills)