Tuesday, 21 January 2014

day 21: where my Run Keeper App lies to Facebook

I ususally use my garmin forerunner when I go running but I have an issue with it taking AGES to find satelites. So I sometimes use Run Keeper on my smart phone. It finds satelites dead quick even though it says the signal is weak.

I actually did a proper lunchtime run today and it was FREEZING out there. Definitely a Janathon misery day! It did make me want to run pretty fast so I did a decent 4miles in 40minutes. I know this doesn't sound too impressive but I live in the land of hills and at the time it was windy and muddy.

Run keeper should auto upload to twitter and facebook. Not only did it not upload to Twitter but it uploaded false data to facebook. Telling people I ran 0.1 miless in 0.11 secs. Really, I know I haven't been giving it my all this year but I'm not that bad!

Anyway, I'm going to log it properly on Running Free, which also has stopped uploading my efforts onto Twitter meaining I have to do it manually. It also doesn't let me sign in with my social media accounts...technology huh?

Ok, Stats!!

distance: 4.06miles
time: 40mines
Lying Phone Apps: 1 (i got told off for not doing a 'fun' stat' last night)

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